From The Mom Of... Pad

From The Mom Of... Pad
Item# nultipad-1
Total no. of Pages:  Color of First Pages:  Select Heading:  Name at Bottom of Page (Leave blank if you do not wish to have a name): Name for child 1: Fill in symbol for child 1: Name For Child 2: Fill in symbol for child 2: Name For Child 3: Fill in symbol for child 3: Name for child 4: Fill in symbol for child 4:

Product Description

Scroll down to see all of our symbols. Our "From The Mom Of..." pads are perfect way for moms and dads to send a note to a teacher, the school or are just fun to use. As always we give you lots of options...pick different symbols for each of your children or the same symbol for all of them. If you don't see a symbol that works for you, drop us an email or call us at 516.610.0181 with your idea and we will try to draw it for you.

The "From The Mom Of... pad" can come in 50 or 100 page pads 5.5"X8.5" multi-colored pages. As with our other pads, you are asked to choose the color of the first 25 pages (pink or blue). The rest of the pad is printed in 3 colors of 25 sheets each (green, yellow & orange). Our pads are wrapped in a clear cello bag and tied with ribbon - so it is always ready to be given as a gift or it's just a nice way to receive your order.

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